Seamless Cotton Bra

Seamless Cotton Bra

Rating, Sku: Style 1700
Cup Size


Description: Many Bra concepts are suitable for wide variety of business and social use as well as suitable to wear with a variation in outer clothing. The bra`s shape, coverage, functionality, fabric, color, fashion and fit varies widely. Thus, we offer variety of sizes out of which any customer can buy accordingly.

Seamless Cotton Bra
Style 1700

One of our best and modern bras! 
It is a perfect blend of cotton with a little spandex for a sure fit. 
Looks great and feels so comfortable! 
Cotton side entry pockets, a must have for everyday wear.
Content: 93% Cotton, 7% Spandex

Back Hook Closure:
3 rows: All Sizes
Packaged one per bag.

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