Floral Print Bra

Rating, Sku: Style 2500
Cup Size


Description: Many Bra concepts are suitable for wide variety of business and social use as well as suitable to wear with a variation in outer clothing. The bra`s shape, coverage, functionality, fabric, color, fashion and fit varies widely. Thus, we offer variety of sizes out of which any customer can buy accordingly.

Floral Print Bra

  •  Best fitting bandeau bra is satiny-soft and ultra feminine.
  • Available in a delicate, floral printed champagne color with
    matching lace at the neckline.
  • Cotton side entry pockets.

    94% Nylon, 6% Spandex
    Back Hook Closure:
    2 rows: All A & B
    3 rows: All C, 34D, 36D
    4 rows: 38-48D, All DD
    Packaged one per bag.

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